Installing new Vanagon Muffler!

1982 vanagon muffler installation

Installing the new 'German Supply' Muffler on the Vanagon

Bluebirds old muffler finally rotted through on a recent trip. So after doing a roadside fix I ordered a new muffler.  I did some research online and heard the ones that last the longest are German made and found a local dealer “German Supply” in Toronto.  I wanted stock configuration and no catalytic converter is required. Which makes for a pretty simple muffler.  and a very reasonable pricetag of $309 CDN. The kit includes  all gasket and the very important spacers.  The hardest part of the job was grinding off the old bolts that were rusted.  It took me an hour to grind the old muffler off and an hour to put the new one on.   It is important to put locktite and or retighten the bolts after the first drive.  I am very happy with the result, as it has a nice quiet sound.  My only complaint is that I did have to spray on some grey exhaust enamel as the pipe quicky discolored from the heat. With the new heat resistant enamel on the exhaust it looks great.

German Supply Air Cooled Vanagon Exhaust Kit.  Highly Recommended


Front Mounted Oil Cooler in the 82

I used to get high oil temps on the highway on my 82 Air cooled Vanagon on hot summer days here in Ontario. 240-250 degrees on a flat highway was normal for me. The head was always steady temp. The previous owner had placed an oil cooler in the D above the tin ware (*&!) so the engine would never get cool air.

I recently relocated the external oil cooler into the front of the bus behind the grille. Now my van runs 30-40 degrees cooler, it is more relaxing to drive, my oil temps are more like 200-210 and dont fluctuate as much. Oil pressure is better and more consistent now as well.

My mechanic ran 16 ft of hydraulic rubber hose (rated up to 1400 psi, and 400 degrees) .My van always ran well and I trusted it but I would be constantly looking at the gauges. Now I drive and its much less stressful… well worth the expense!


Vanagon Front Mounted Oil Cooler

Feedback on the california Epic

I recently posted a question  aasking for advice for our trip on the Samba recently – here are some results and for us it is just fuel for the fire.   I feel pretty confident that will be prepared when the time comes and that our ol Blue bus can handle it.  In the process I did learn I was missing a seal around our lic plate holder.. I hear the part is NLA so I made one myself out of leftover camping foam mattress.  Works great.

Check your fuel lines

Its the first thing I checked after I bought my van. And guess what. Its fuel lines were cracking in several places.  Get them replaced and check them often!  This year I am going to look into an marine grade  engine extinguisher just to play it safe.